February 16th, 2002 - Victoria Chan

updated February 18th, 2002

Telus - the lumbering giant is, under it's own weight of mis-management, has now been listed as a source for SPAM, by Spamcop (see and ORBZ (see Spam is a name given to UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail) and has nothing to do with Hormel © SPAM ©, meat thingy in a can.

What this means is if your email reads or or using Telus Web / Email hosting services, you will experience sporadic outgoing Email Services, whereby a few outgoing emails will go through while the majority will not (returned after a 4 day timeout as undeliverable). This is due to the fact that almost all outgoing Telus Mail Servers are listed by either Spamcop / Orbz. At time of writing, IP Address is only listed as ORBZ Output. We trap for ORBZ Inputs so this is the only mail server that can send to us. It is then a "crap-shoot" as to which Telus Email servers does the sending for you. If you were to check your undeliverable message header, you will see something like the snippet below.

All well managed Mail Servers on the Internet adopt some sort of Spam Filtering. Our mail server at uses both ORBZ and SPAMCOP, plus badmailfrom to block unwanted Spam Mail. It is therefore out of our control as we do not want to turn off our well oiled Spam Filtering, just to receive Email from mismanaged Mail Servers like Telus. It will reopen the floodgate of unwanted Spam Mail that we have worked so hard to keep out. Spam Mail is a waste of resources and bandwidth, not to mention mostly objectionable material like Pornography and etc. The current ratio of blocked spam email to legitimate email is around 100:1 - check out our live logs updated every 5 minutes (remember to hit refresh on your browser).

The onus is therefore up to you, the Telus client, to lodge a complaint to Telus. Of course it is standard procedure for "brain-dead" Telus Helpdesk employees to make you feel like it is your problem and not theirs. Will Telus fix their problems? I seriously doubt that they will do anything but to change the IP address of the mail servers listed by Spamcop / Orbz and wait to be listed again, re-starting the whole cycle.

The best solution is to switch off Telus / Telusplanet to a more responsible ISP, saving you money and grief at the same time. Check out for very aggressive ADSL and Dial-up packages, superior Customer and Technical Support staff. We at were abused by Telus once before, but we switched our up-line ISP to MDI. We are very please with their impeccable service.

To read more about our Telus woes, see

To read our article on Spamcontrol, see

Bottom line is "buyer beware".

===snip - excerpt of Undeliverable Message Header===

>If you require further information, please visit our help
>site at <>. If you require more detailed
>assistance, please contact TELUS Internet Services at
>Reporting-MTA: dns;
>Arrival-Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 03:51:12 -0700
>Received-From-MTA: dns; (

>Action: failed
>Status: 5.2.0
>Remote-MTA: dns;
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 451 Blocked - see
>Received: from ([])
> by
> (InterMail vM. 201-253-122-122-101-20011014) with ESMTP
> id
===end snip===

March 11th 2002, addendum - Looks like Telus has stuck a deal with Spamcop and has a forced manual override to be unlisted, see

Blocklist query for
[show] "nslookup" (getting name) =
is not and should not be blocked:4.74% spam report rate exceeds 2% threshold, but a SpamCop administrator delisted system manually

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