The fine print:

All onsite work does not include travel or lodgings. Maintenance includes Remote Management and configurations. Customer is responsible for implementation of all Disaster recovery procedures, and UPS power management. All pricing are based on customer supplied hardware. We are working on bundled solutions featuring 1U, 2U, 4U and 5U Rack-mount Servers.

  • US Price based on exchange rate of USD$0.62=CAD$1.00. Price may fluctuate

  • Intel®, Pentium®, PentiumIII® are registered trademarks to the Intel Corporation

  • Compaq®, Alpha® are registered trademarks to the Compaq Corporation

  • AMD®, AMD-K6® are registered trademarks to the AMD Corporation

  • STACKFIT®, STAteful paCKet FIlTering® (Method of Capitalization) are registered trademarks to, and Kendryl Enterprises


  • STAteful paCKet FIlTering® technology to analyze all packets traversing the firewall, and logs all activity. Incorporates rule set to allow or disallow individual packets based on source and destination IP address, it's protocol, and ports.

  • QMAIL for corporate emails, featuring scalable, robust and secure emails with virtually no upper limits in mail queues. The only limiting factor being will be available disk space.

  • Our QMAIL implementation includes full SSL support so that there are NO PASSWORDS traversing the network.

  • Apache Web Server, with optional FrontPage extensions.

  • Secure Apache implementation for Secure Transactions, including Web Based E-Mail, and other Remote Management functions and Utilities. This is the main building block for any e-Commerce implementation, which will plug right in to STACKFIT.

  • Secure Shell with KEY passing. This allows for secure remote management of all our systems.

  • Secure FTP service (FtpS)

  • Virtual Private Networks (IPSEC)

  • Full ipV6 support

STACKFIT® PLATFORMS (minimum configuration):

  • STACKFIT EL--10 user Entry Level Firewall without QMAIL. Intel® Pentium® 200Mhz or equivalent AMD-K6® processor, or better,  with 64 Mb RAM and 4 gb or larger IDE or SCSI based Hard Drive

  • STACKFIT UNI-Q--up to 50 user Firewall with QMAIL. Intel® Pentium® 300Mhz or equivalent  AMD K-6® processor, or better, with 128 Mb RAM and 18 gb or larger SCSI Hard Drive (RAID-1 or RAID-5 recommended, but optional)

  • STACKFIT SMP-Q--50 to 200 user Firewall with QMAIL. Dual Processor Intel® PentiumIII® 500Mhz or better, with 256 Mb ECC RAM and 36 gb or larger RAID-1 or RAID-5 Array

  • STACKFIT ASMP-Q--unlimited user Firewall with QMAIL. Compaq® Alpha® SMP based processor 500Mhz or better, with 512 Mb ECC RAM and 72 or larger gb RAID-5 or RAID-1+0 Drive Array

InterNetwork Firewall


STAteful paCKet FIlTering®

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