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Disclaimer: All events herein are accurate events that happened to myself, staff, associates, or clients of kendryl.net. They are not fabricated to slander any party. The truth hurts, baby! If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is a duck. If the hat fits, wear it!

Telus is a major telco provider in British Columbia & Alberta, expanding into Manitoba, Ontario & the Maritimes (or trying very hard to). They have forgotten what Customer service means. With 100 years of telephone experience, they are diversifying into IP provisioning for business customers as well as the residential ones.

For $165/month, I had been using the Telus ADSL 4.0 Business Package. They offer 5 "static" IP addresses, a 4.0 M/bit downstream with 640K/bit upstream connection. I even signed up as a TID (Telus Internet Dealer). It was a rocky road for TID dealers and the TID programme, but it was soon replaced with another. I refused to sign up this time.

All billing is automatic and all statements are done by email to your Telus email account. This is fine until your computer blows up. If you do not have printed copies or backed up you email, you now do not have any receipts to show the tax department. If you cancel your account, you will not receive your last statement. Nothing is done by phone or mail. Problem happened when my credit card company switched from Visa to M/C and at the same time, my computer that retrieves email blows up. With my account in arrears, and I am cut off without even a phone call. A Telephone Company that does not believe in "Phone Power"? What happened to "reach out and touch someone"?

Telus's backbone is very stable, but the weakest link is the OCA database (Online Customer Administration) and their DHCP Servers. Why? These are Microsoft NT Servers, that are directly connected to the internet. Microsoft Security is an Oxymoron! Microsoft products should be behind the firewalls. To date, these vital servers have been knocked out by Sircam, Nimda & Code Red Virus, as well as a host of other Internet Worms and Trojans.

If the OCA database corrupts, which happens very easily, it is rebuilt and your "static" IP address is now someone else's "static" IP address. If their DHCP server is knocked out, which happens very often, you are knocked out. I heard of customers being down for 3 days, because they could not get a new IP address from the DHCP server. Telus Customer Service is E-V-I-L!

As I live in suburbia, I was not privy to the new Dark Fiber that is being strung in the downtown core of Vancouver and all through Gastown. Unfortunately, all that is available in my area is ADSL or Cable. Shaw Cable offers a very stable cable connection, and better than ADSL download speeds. This is due to Shaw's investment in a very state-of-the-art backbone with Big Pipe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shaw. The Shaw business package offers 1 Static IP address or 8 dynamic. For me to get a business package with 5 Static IP addresses would cost me approximately $269.00 - too rich for my blood.

Having lost my IP addresses too many times with Telus, I took my business to MDI Internet. MDI offers a much better ADSL product than Telus. On switching to MDI, I downgraded from the Business 4.0 package to Business 1.5 Enhance. To my surprise, I got better download speeds than with Telus's 4.0 package. The kicker is that I was saving about $75/month, and better service. MDI does not use any OCA database and they run non NT servers for DNS and DHCP. My static IP address is hardwired with no chance of losing my IP address. I get GREAT  Customer Service from MDI.

The irony of it all is MDI uses Telus's backbone, and they depend on Telus to connect my ADSL modem to MDI via the DSLAM at the Central Office. My transition was far from stellar as it took Telus 59 hours to switch my DSLAM connection from Telus and onto MDI's DSLAM.

Recently, a client of mine was switching from Telus ADSL to MDI ADSL, citing reliability, costs and other factors. This client was also upgrading their Firewall / Web / Email server to our STACKFIT Server. One of my servers was to host for this client during the switchover to MDI, as well as during their Server upgrade. Due to delays in getting DNS SOA records modified to lend control to me, the planned switchover date was pushed back a couple more days. My client phoned Telus to schedule the cancellation, and within 20 minutes, phoned back Telus to cancel the cancel order - Telus cancelled his ADSL connection anyways. This caused another 4 days of  delay, added to the switchover. To make matters worse, a transparent transition from their retiring server to mine, is out the window. They were down for a good 4 days! Telus Customer Service is an Oxymoron!

Another client switching off Telus to MDI ADSL was assigned the same subnet as me at thru As MDI is using Telus to connect ADSL modems to MDI's backbone, there is a major problem in the routing tables, which disallows routing within the same subnet. Weird? Only Telus!

All MDI could do at that point was to move this client to another different subnet, in the short term. In the long term this problem should be rectified. This is a Telus issue, which they may or may not fix. This is the reason that all my clients switching to MDI must stay away from my subnet, until this problem is resolved. We are talking Telus's schedule and Telus's priority, which is maybe never!

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